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The term “Employer of Record” refers to the legal employer of an employee. This is the company that assumes all employment-related responsibilities. When you partner with NexusCW, we become Employer of Record for your contingent workforce, assuming all legal and administrative obligations. We are responsible for time collection, issuing payroll checks, submitting local, state and federal payroll taxes, providing workers’ compensation insurance coverage and human resources functions. You retain control of how the work is performed. You define the length of assignment, pay scale and work schedule. We handle the rest.



Employers are often intimidated by the inherent risk in hiring a contingent workforce. Hiring an employee requires compliance with complex federal, state and local tax guidelines. For the unprepared employer, noncompliance is inevitable. Tax deadlines get missed. Penalties are common. Similarly, running payroll for any business is not only a headache, but also a point of risk. Every pay period demands the correct calculations of hours, wages, withholdings, taxes and benefits deductions. Proper worker classification is another potential pitfall. Your workers must be properly classified as either employees or independent contractors from the outset. With the rise of the contingent workforce, worker classification audits are on the rise. Improper classification leaves your business vulnerable to thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties, fines and possibly even litigation.

With NexusCW, you’re protected. Our team of trained specialists handle onboarding, workforce management, payroll processing, compliance and offboarding. We take complete ownership of your employer side legal responsibilities, allowing you to save time and money. Our payroll specialists take the stress out of the payroll process. We process payroll accurately and on time, every time. We do so in full compliance with all tax rules and regulations so you don’t have to. We provide screening of candidates and employees to determine the proper classification to withstand audit. Simply put, we remove the risk and restore your peace of mind.

Services & Responsibilities

  • Accurate Payroll Processing
  • Per Diem & Expense Processing
  • Annual Payroll Audits
  • Federal and State Tax Withholding and Year-End W-2s
  • Administration Consistent With Federal, State and Local Laws
  • Handle Workers Compensation and Unemployment Claims
  • Bookkeeping for Payroll Deductions
  • Provide ACA-Compliant Health Benefits


When you outsource your employer of record services to NexusCW, you regain peace of mind. Our team efficiently handles legal, administrative and financial obligations throughout the life cycle of your workers. The stress of benefits and payroll administration is no longer your burden to bear. You mitigate risk and stay current with the often-changing federal, state, and local hiring employment laws, all while enjoying the freedom of focusing exclusively on the growth of your business. We have enabled our clients to save resources, increase visibility, reduce liability and maintain compliance. Contact us to find out how we can do the same for you.

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NexusCW has exceeded our expectations. We had previously worked with a number of Employer of Record agencies, both international and domestic, and none could offer us what NexusCW has. They understand our company and our temp workforce needs. They respond quickly, often instantly, to our requests. They take pride in their work and will see a job through, even when we get picky when requesting candidates.

Summer, HR Director

American Industrial Conglomerate

What I appreciate most about working with NexusCW is that I find their team to be both incredibly knowledgeable and professional. The responses to my inquiries and problems are timely, clear, and concise. I am not savvy in holding employment compliance but they are always willing to explain and clarify things. I also think that the NexusCW team have provided us with innovative ideas and strategies for our contingent workers and they have reliably supported us as we’ve tried to implement new ideas and strategies.

Russell C



WRC certified American Staffing Association Certified Staffing Profesional American Payroll Association SHRM Staffing Industry Analysts inc


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