Contingent Workforce Solutions


Our agency delivers contingent workforce solutions designed to save you time and money. NexusCW has the expertise, know-how and tools you need to reduce your contingent workforce costs. From your payroll process and PO tracking to expense and HR management, we can help.



NexusCW provides all tax compliance and payroll functions designed to make your life easier. We handle everything from workers’ compensation coverage and unemployment claims to benefits, online tax keeping, all tax withholding and reporting. NexusCW specializes in international payroll. We know what to look for, how to advise you and what steps to take to simplify the process.



Our customized contingent workforce solutions deliver superior results and, in the process, help you dramatically reduce your contingent workforce costs. While you manage the day-to-day functions of your contingent workers, we handle the rest, including benefits administration, wage and hour compliance and timekeeping.



NexusCW offers independent contractor screening and classification. Licensed attorneys conduct these detailed evaluations. In order to build a strong workforce while staying compliant, you will need NexusCW to conduct these essential screenings. Ultimately, you’ll reduce operational costs when your contractors are classified as independent contractors.



NexusCW is proud to offer you exceptional staffing and recruiting services. Simply stated, NexusCW searches out the very best talent from across the country and brings it to you. Our proven strategies allow NexusCW recruiters to locate top resources available and then provide you with a customized package designed to directly meet your needs.

Services & Responsibilities

  • Attracting, qualifying and maintaining top talent
  • Onboarding talent, including prescreening and I-9 verification
  • Screening independent contractors for proper worker classification
  • Benefits Administration, including fully ACA compliant health plans
  • Payroll processing accurately and on time every time
  • Seamless reconciliation of both local and global payroll
  • Maintaining compliance with local, state and federal labor and tax laws


Are you looking for us to handle all of your contingent workforce management needs? How about your employee pre-screening? Perhaps you would like us to assist with temp staffing or feel overwhelmed by temp payroll processing. Our exceptional recruiters are experts at finding and managing the very best contingent talent. No matter what your requirements may be, we are here to provide a solution.

NexusCW is a leader in the contingent workforce industry. Our customized workforce solutions deliver superior results and, in the process, help you dramatically reduce your contingent workforce management costs. Our skilled and experienced team members take the hassle out of growing your workforce.

Now, more than ever, employers are turning to temp workers to fill workforce gaps. The overwhelming benefits of a flexible workforce are at your fingertips. If your needs are short-term, project-based or uncertain, you need a contingent worker, not another full-time employee. These workers are temporary, highly-specialized and need-based. Temp services provide highly effective solutions to specific challenges within your workforce. However, while temporary employment may be short-term, the time, money, risk and paperwork to engage it is not. Many employers simply do not have the resources to profitably access this untapped workforce. That is where NexusCW changes the game. We remove these barriers. We find, onboard, pay and manage these workers for you. We do so while maintaining compliance with all local, state and federal tax and labor laws. We hold and manage the liability for these workers. You delegate the work. We handle the rest. At NexusCW, we know the importance of focusing on business growth. We’re here to give you that freedom.

Contact us today to find out how easily we can help you make the transition.


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